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TLH Ethiopia Financial Policies, Management and Procedures

A good financial/accounting system makes it possible for an organization to be financially accountable to all its important donors/stakeholders. It must provide information, which is relevant, understandable, reliable, compete, up-to-date, consistent an acceptable to the external users. Linked to proper system or monitoring and evaluating the work of an organization, a good financial management system makes it possible for the organization to be accountable, for what the money is spent on and how cost-effective it is. This Financial/Accounting Policies and Procedures Manual is therefore, intended to help Timret Le Hiwot Ethiopia (TLHE) to: • Define clearly its financial and accounting policies; • Ascertain that transactions of the organization are recorded in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles; • Put in place a system that will provide adequate internal control over the resources of the organization so as to enhance the efficiency to the overall management of its operations; and • Create a system that will enable TLHE meet effectively the reporting requirement to management, board of directors, donors, government counterparts and the public at large

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TLH Ethiopia HR Manual and Procedures

This manual provides a written reference to all policies, procedures and guidelines for staff and management in their day-to-day activities. It has the following objectives: 1. To create a harmonious working relationship between TLH and its employees to facilitate a conducive working atmosphere and maintain a satisfied, self-controlled and motivated work force; 2. By clearly identifying the rights and obligations of employees, to sustain mutual understanding and peaceful working conditions; 3. To ensure that staff development and personnel policies are managed in a consistent, transparent, equitable and effective manner; 4. To provide fair and equal opportunities for the employees to all benefits of TLHE; 5. To create a sense of collective and individual responsibility in the management of TLHE and protecting its interest; 6. To determine organizational discipline and grievance handling mechanisms.

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TLH Ethiopia HIV/AIDS at Work Place Policy

o Overall objective The overall objective of the policy is to create conducive, enabling and free environment that results in improved productivity of the association o Specific objectives The specific objectives of the policy include the following a. To mitigate the impact of HIV AIDS among employees and the association b. To prevent further HIV infection through preventive programs including awareness raising, counseling and training c. To protect employees from any type of discrimination in the world of work based on real or perceived HIV status and sex. d. To promote coordinated response from the part of the donors, association and the government to fight against HIVAIDS

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TLH Ethiopia Logistics Manual

The manual is not only an explanation of processes, policies, procedures and systems but should also be a tool and a reference source for logistics and purchasing requirements supporting the projects and programs of Timret Le Hiwot. This manual is therefore intended as a support document for all those involved in logistics, purchasing and supply processes and decision making, particularly: • Logisticians • Purchasing and supply staff • Project/program managers • Finance staff • Warehouse staff

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